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Watching Paranormal Activity: The Marked One. Now as a Hispanic I know not to fuck with that voodoo/sprits/witchcraft stuff. So these fuckers should know better.

Oh and they actually used Hispanic actors in this.

Soooo animal control came just a few minutes ago. The lady saw the dog and talked to the owner do not know what was said but the dog is still tied to the tree. Then I see two cars leave from their place. And that’s it.

Hopefully, the dog will get a longer leash and a fuckin dog house and some goddamn attention now.

Every animal deserves love, attention and a friend. Treat them the way you want to be treated. It’s not that hard.

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I hate how there’s no law for dogs being tied to a tree in my county. There’s other counties that have a law in which a dog cannot be tied to a tree for more than 8 hrs in a 24 he period. Well either way called animal control they were rude but as a concerned animal lover these dogs my neighbors have are just left out there tied to a tree, barely human contact, and one has shelter as the other doesn’t. So, I am hoping someone will come out and say something and hopefully take them. I know shelters are bad but i think it will be hella better than just being in one spot, shitting in one spot, and barely human contact. I go out there and play with the one they neglect the most, just trying to make their day better than other days.

There are some people who just shouldn’t have or ever allowed to have pets.